2016-2018 Executive Board Elections

The 2016-2018 Executive Board Elections are closed.  The winners are underlined.  The 2018-2020 Executive Board Elections will occur in February 2018.  Please contact the board if you are interested in running for a position in the next election.

  • President Elect:
    Laura Taylor—Cape Fear Community College
    Kaan Ozmeral—Central Carolina Community College
  • Secretary:
    Beth Tsai—Wake Tech Community College
    Amy Cole—Pitt Community College
  • Treasurer:
    Heather Barker—Elon University
  • Eastern Region Vice-President:
    Jay Martin—Wake Tech Community College
  • Central Region Vice-President:
    Amanda Klinger—Davidson County Community College
  • Western Region Vice-President:
    Tammy Sullivan—Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

President Elect:

  • Laura Taylor—Cape Fear Community College
    I have been teaching at CFCC for 10 years. I served on the Math CIP committee. I really enjoyed meeting my colleagues from around the state a collaborating to enhance our curriculum. I have attended 6 NCMATYC conferences and just attended my first AMATYC conference last fall. I have an amazing 13 year old daughter and 3 dogs and a bunny.I believe NCMATYC is an incredible asset to our state system. As educators, we should constantly strive to improve our methods and curriculum. I see NCMATYC continuing to offer support for those professionals who work to raise their standards. I would like to continue on the path of utilizing cutting edge technology to enhance our ability to network and collaborate with our colleagues. I look forward to the opportunity of working with the other board members to support this much needed organization.
  • Kaan Ozmeral—Central Carolina Community College
    Mathematics has been a love of mine since I was very young.  The elementary school I attended in Baton Rouge, LA had Math Olympics each year in which every student participated.  Each classroom had different math related events such as flash cards and worksheets.  I was the gold medal winner as a kindergartener.  I stumbled in first grade because I had not learned how to read a clock yet, so I ended up the silver medalist that year.  I was able to overcome this analog obstacle in second grade, however, and re-established myself as the gold medalist.  Then I switched schools, but I was lucky enough to have a father who taught me algebra which kept my passion for math intact.
    I have taught at most levels including after-school elementary programs, middle school basketball and soccer coach, high school math teacher, Princeton Review Master Teacher/Tutor for ACT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT, and for the last five years, community college Math Instructor.  I have a MS in Pure Mathematics from NC Central University where I worked under Dr. Melikyan, who has his own Lie Group Algebra named after him.  I remember walking into his office for the first time to ask him if he would be my mentor, and he opened a textbook and asked me, “Do you know what any of this means?”  I looked at the page of strange symbols and equations and said, “Actually, no, I have no idea what I am looking at.”  He then pointed to heading of the chapter which was ‘Melikyan Algebra’ and said, “This is my Algebra”.
    NCMATYC serves an important role for the math community of North Carolina.  Having an opportunity to share a few days with colleagues each year both at the annual conference and math competition is an invaluable experience.  We all have different methods and experiences that contribute to our collective efforts to become better teachers.  During my first year teaching at Central Carolina, my chair, Scott Byington, said to me, “As teachers we are always learning and striving to be better at our craft.  The moment we stop is the moment when we shouldn’t be teachers.”  NCMATYC creates this venue, and I would like to be a part of leading this organization toward maximizing these opportunities.


  • Beth Tsai—Wake Tech Community College
    I earned my Master of Science Degree from NC State in 1990.  It was during my years at NC State that I fell in love with teaching and knew that this was the proper career path for me. I taught at NC State both as a teaching assistant while I was earning a degree and as an adjunct instructor afterwards.   In 1991, Wake Technical Community College was in the process of developing a college transfer program.  I took a full-time position in the fall of 1991 and have been affiliated with the school since that time.  I worked with Meredith College for many years as an adjunct instructor while maintaining a contract with WTCC.  While I have worked at other institutions, I am deeply committed to the open door policy which has been the cornerstone of the community college educational philosophy.  I love the diversity of our student population at WTCC.  I have served our school in many capacities throughout my career; the most notable is probably that of our Math Club advisor. I served in that role for about ten years.   As advisor, I have been able to work closely with my colleagues from other schools across the state and the southeast and was responsible for all aspects of the club including travel, book and record keeping.   I was also the Student Math League coordinator for our school for several years.  In 2013, I was the host-site coordinator for the NCMATYC Math Tournament that was held at WTCC.
    I am an active member of the NCMATYC organization.  I not only attend conferences, I am usually a presenter.   I am also active within the AMATYC organization where I have been both a presenter and presider for the past five consecutive years its annual conference.
    In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my two daughters Kaitlyn and EmmaLi.
    Thank you for considering me.
  • Amy Cole—Pitt Community College
    My name is Amy Cole. I teach at Pitt Community College in Greenville NC. I am in my ninth year teaching at PCC. I also taught high school mathematics for 5 years before receiving my master’s degree. I LOVE what I do. I enjoy teaching and being involved in curriculum planning. I was heavily involved at our school in getting the new courses designed and set up. I also have two boys, 8 and 4. So on top of my career, I am a full time mom. This past year, as you know, we hosted the NCMATYC conference and I volunteered to be one of the conference co-site coordinators. In the process of doing this, I got a taste for being more involved in this organization. I got to know several other faculty in doing this process, including current board members.I see NCMATYC’s role as guiding all mathematics instructor’s to their full potential, as an opportunity to work with others across the state, and to learn how to make things “better” in our classrooms. I have been to every NCMATYC conference since I have been at PCC. This past year, I went to AMATYC. The future of NCMATYC is to continue with its current path. I hope that the organization will continue to reach out to new employees across the state and help them to get more involved.


  • Heather Barker—Elon University
    I am currently in my first year as a mathematics instructor at Elon University.  Prior to that, I was a full time mathematics instructor at Piedmont Community College in Roxboro, NC.  During that time I was nominated for the Teaching Excellence Award for the NC Community College System, and was one of ten finalists for the award.  I have also been an active member of NCMATYC since 2010 and served as treasurer from 2014-2016.  I was also a member of AMATYC’s Project ACCCESS cohort 9 from 2011-2013 and I am still an active member of AMATYC.Being a member of AMATYC’s Project ACCCESS has helped me to meet and stay in contact with a large group of other mathematics instructors across the country.  Through this cohort I have been able to see how other local state affiliates work.  By far, NCMATYC is one of the strongest state affiliates that I have encountered.  The conference every year is a great place for teachers across the state to learn about new ideas and to network with colleagues.  The board does a great job of working together to ensure the goals of the organization are reached every year and I think it has done a phenomenal job of this the past 5 years that I’ve been a part of NCMATYC.  In the next few years I see the conference growing bigger.  I also think that we will be able to bring other professional development opportunities to instructors around the state and really pull together to make sure the needs of instructors and students are being met.  I look forward to serving again as the treasurer for NCMATYC to help the organization meet its goals.

Eastern Region Vice-President

  • Jay Martin—Wake Tech Community College
    Jay is currently Associate Professor of mathematics at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, NC, where he has taught for the past 30 years. He has been a long time active NCMATYC, AMATYC, and NCCTM member. Jay has conducted over 20 presentations at NCMATYC conferences and over 10 presentations at AMATYC conferences. He served as AMATYC Exhibit Chair during 2003 – 2010 and is currently serving as NCMATYC Eastern VP, where he has managed the NCMATYC Exhibits. Jay is also currently working on a grant that is aimed at improving collaboration between Community Colleges and High Schools that focus on promoting associate programs to high school students and to motivate the mathematics used by various associate programs. Jay’s teaching philosophy includes presenting mathematics using real contexts, using technology appropriately, and assigning extended projects in all courses that apply course content in interesting and in real ways. Some of Jay’s other interest includes refereeing and coaching soccer, active involvement in a local Church, camping, and making his own beer.

Central Region Vice-President

  • Amanda Klinger—Davidson County Community College
    I have been a math instructor at Davidson County Community College since 2004.  During my years in the community college system, I have seen the rise of online courses and the continued growth of technology in the classroom.  I think it has been really fun and exciting trying to keep up with the students and their technology.  I am open to new innovations in math education and love hearing new ideas.  When I do learn something new or have new ideas, it is always fun to share at the NCMATYC conference. I have been attending and presenting at this conference since I first started teaching. My background includes being a steering committee member on the NC Mathematics Curriculum Improvement Project, being a member of the NC Ready for Success Math Alignment Team, and serving on the Student Success Data team at DCCC to help with data collection of SLO’s and general education outcomes.
    I think the future role of NCMATYC is the continued communication across the state, maybe using new and innovative techniques.  I also believe that sharing with colleagues can be more convenient, and I would love to share ideas with the board about making this possible.

Western Region Vice-President

  • Tammy Sullivan—Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
    I have been teaching mathematics since 1988.  I started my career in Miami, Florida.  I ended up in Western Carolina as an adjunct in 2005.  I am currently the chair of mathematics at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College.  During my career I have benefited greatly from attending conferences and being active in professional organizations.  NCMATYC has been a wonderful source of collaboration and inspiration.   Through NCMATYC, instructors can find resources, support, current teaching trends and new technology uses in the field.   I would be happy to serve and give back to NCMATYC.  I hope that NCMATYC will continue with its current direction.  Our state is fortunate to have such an active organization for mathematics instructors.

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