Extending and Enriching the Reputation of NCMATYC

Not to brag too much about NCMATYC, but we are one of the strongest AMATYC affiliates.  Take a moment, the next time you attend an AMATYC event, and listen to other AMATYC members discuss about their affiliate or attend another affiliate’s conference. You will then appreciate the strengths of NCMATYC members and witness the leadership and dedication the board has driven NCMATYC to where it is today.   We, as an organization, must keep moving forward and continue to be a leader as an AMATYC affiliate.  One area NCMATYC can strive for is digital communication.

Back in Spring 2012, I presented at the NCMATYC conference and wrote in the NCMATYC newsletter on the topic of bringing NCMATYC members together via digital tools. Two years have now passed since those suggestions and I am now in a position, a NCMATYC board member, to implement those ideas into action during the next six years.  However, I don’t only want to focus on what I want NCMATYC to be doing.  What goals do you want NCMATYC to be striving for?

Reflecting on the NCMATYC past is important in shaping future NCMATYC goals.  For example, what should membership dues in 2015 support and what should be the cost? Twenty years ago, a common response would have involved an appropriate membership cost is one that supports travel scholarships, sends a physical newsletter, and pays for executive board travel.  Digital communications have allowed the newsletter to be sent for free and provided a platform for the board discuss on a weekly basis. Maybe this means more money can now go towards travel scholarships or maybe NCMATYC can begin supporting different areas.  Or maybe this means membership dues could be lowered. That is a lot of maybes.  The point is that there are many great ideas/goals that have already been implemented from passionate board members that have lead NCMATYC to where it is today.  So, NCMATYC doesn’t have to start from scratch with its goals but we do have a responsibility to reevaluate our past so that we can continue to lead in the future.

North Carolina community college teachers have a handful of math organizations to support.  Just to name a few, there is NCTM, MAA, AMS, AMATYC, NCCTM…so why NCMATYC?  Are you member of NCMATYC because you attend the conference? Are you a member of NCMATYC because of the low cost of membership dues? Some might say yes to those previous questions but I think the biggest factor of why people become of a member is reputation.  A reputation of a high quality annual conference. A reputation of its members being highly involved with AMATYC. Let’s spread that reputation across the state by motivating more and more people join NCMATYC.  Let’s continue to create a reputation for other AMATYC affiliates to follow.  Let’s begin now by sharing and collaborating future goals so that we can expand and enrich our reputation.

Luke Walsh
Catawba Valley CC
President Elect

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  1. Rob Kimball says:

    NCMATYC is only strong because of members like you who get involved because of their interest, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Thank you for what you are doing and for your passion for mathematics education. Technology makes commumicating with colleagues a lot easier. It also makes it challenging to keep up with all that we should.

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