Treasure’s Report

I am happy to introduce myself as your new NCMATYC Treasurer for the 2014-2016 board.  I am looking forward to working with you all during membership renewals and registration for conferences.  I only hope I can fill the shoes of my predecessor, John Bakken.  He has done an incredible job keeping track and organizing NCMATYC’s finances over the past years.  Thanks to him it has been a smooth transition becoming your new treasurer.

All information in the treasurer’s report is accurate as of November 24, 2014. In 2014 the board budgeted $16,155.00 in expenses.  Actual expenses were $12,777.98.  In addition, NCMATYC brought in $12,400 in dues, conference registration, and vendor registration.  This results in a net gain in 2014 of $3,377.02.
As part of our budget, NCMATYC funds travel awards to the NCMATYC conference and the AMATYC conference.  This year we awarded the NCMATYC travel award to Angie Ruppard.  We also awarded the AMATYC travel award to Paula Savich.  Paula was able to travel to Nashville, TN with this funding and it was “Music to Her Ears”.  We hope that we continue to use these funds, so please apply for our travel awards!

Our current balance as of November 24, 2014 is $6,133.96 in checking and $9,389.20 in savings.  A breakdown of expenditures this year is shown below.

Heather Barker
NCMATYC Treasure
Piedmont CC



Conference Breakfast


Conference Lunch


Conference Hospitality


Conference Decorations


Conference Bags


Conference Door Prizes


Conference Misc.


Conference Printing


Faculty Math League


President’s Speaker


Board Meetings


Executive Travel


AMATYC Travel Award


NCMATYC Travel Award


Excellence Award


Calculus Competition


SML Awards


Spring Newsletter


Fall Newsletter




AMATYC Hospitality






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