NCMATYC Liaisons

Have you been looking for a way to collaborate with NCMATYC?  NCMATYC is asking for volunteers that would like to represent their campus through this professional organization as an NCMATYC liaison.  As a liaison, you will help NCMATYC achieve state-wide collaboration, connect with colleagues across the state, accentuate your interests in mathematics,  be given the opportunity to gain leadership experience, and have a voice in North Carolina mathematics education.

We would like to thank previous NCMATYC campus representatives.  Their hard work helped shape NCMATYC into the strong AMATYC affiliate that it is today.  NCMATYC would like to reestablish the campus representatives (now liaisons) and focus on helping connect all of the members in a digital format.   The digital format will be a way to continue the energy and collaborations that happens at the annual conference.  Our goal is to have a majority of NCMATYC liaisons attend the NCMATYC conference.

Please take a moment and join other NCMATYC members in filling out this campus representative form.  We are looking for anyone who wants to help connect NC math. NCMATYC campus liaisons are not limited to one person from each school.  Encourage all of your colleagues to sign up, as a way to say, “Yes, I will be active with NCMATYC through out the year.” Thanks!

Fill out the NCMATYC campus representative form below. You can share the form with others by using this link.


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