colLABorate goals


The 2016 NCMATYC Board wrote the following goals & assessment plan for the 2017 AMATYC Travel Workshop.  The letter to the AMATYC selection committee can be read here.


  1. To train attendees so that they can share the workshop materials at their mathematics department. Attendees will share either in the 2017 Spring semester or the following 2017 Fall semester.
  2. To motivate attendees to further share with many other mathematical communities their experiences using the workshop materials in their classroom.  Attendees can choose at least one method of sharing, such as writing an article for a journal / newsletter or presenting at a mathematics conferences like NCMATYC, NCCTM, and AMATYC.
  3. To offer a professional leadership opportunity for NCMATYC members to become more involved with our organization, thus making them more qualified to be elected as future NCMATYC / AMATYC board members.
  4. To provide techniques on how technology as a pedagogy tool can be used to facilitate collaborative and active learning in the classroom.
  5. To promote the effectiveness in how contextual labs can create a solid foundation that conceptual learning can be built upon.
  6. To demonstrate collaborative learning that gives students the opportunity to verbally share mathematical understanding and respectfully critique arguments of others.
  7. To create a community within NCMATYC where members are focusing on a common goal to create and disseminate materials based on the AMATYC set forth in the upcoming revision of Beyond the Crossroads.


  • Assess goal 1:  Attendees will be responsible for reporting on the sharing with their department and the following steps that will be taken by the department.
  • Assess goal 2:  Attendees will be responsible for reporting how they choose to share with a mathematical community.
  • Assess goal 3:  After two years, we will check and see if any of the attendees end up being on a professional board or in some type of professional leadership role.
  • Assess goal 4:  Attendees will share their data with the committee about how many instructors have incorporated, on week basis, technology as a pedagogy tool into their teaching practices.
  • Assess goal 5:  We will calculate a percentage of how much of the materials that are formed by the attendees have a contextual component.
  • Assess goal 6:  Attendees will report on how the collaborative learning sparked classroom discussions that occurred during the field testing of the materials.
  • Assess goal 7:  We can monitor the activity of posts shared in the NCMATYC Slack Channel.  Also, we can assess how this activity spills over to attracting other people to who were not part of the workshop but now have taken interest.

Reaching the seven goals outlined above will be a large undertaking by NCMATYC.  However, we firmly believe in the character and dedication of the NCMATYC Board to be able to set forth this common vision for the members of NCMATYC.  These members have already proven their potential to take on such a task.  Even if every goal is not fully reached, simply working towards these goals will be an accomplishment.  Plus, the actions taking place after the workshop would result in a collective movement of focusing on Priority I, II, III, IV, and V in the 2012-2017 AMATYC Strategic Plan.

We will be very visible about the progression of reaching our goals.  The NCMATYC webpage will include monthly updates of the project.  AMATYC will be included on the email list, which we use to communicate with our members about updates within NCMATYC.  After one year of the project a report will be posted on the the NCMATYC webpage and discussed at the 2018 conference.  The report will include the current status of assessment of the goals.  Sixteen months after the project we will release a final report and submit it to the MathAMATYC Educator and present at the 2018 AMATYC conference.

2016-2018 NCMATYC Board
Luke Walsh – President  – Catawba Valley CC
Laura Taylor – President Elect – Cape Fear CC
Glynis Mullins – Past President – Pitt CC
Tammy Sullivan – Western Region VP – AB Tech CC
Jay Martin – Eastern Region VP – Wake Tech CC
Amy Cole – Secretary – Pitt CC
Heather Barker – Treasurer – Elon University