Past Competitions & Winners

YearIndividual CompetitionTop 4 IndividualsTeam Competition1st Place TeamTop Three
Schools Overall
2017Calculus Test, Answer Key1. Xiaoquan (Jessica) He, Durham Tech
2.Jacob Miller, Durham Tech
3. Tirzah Lloyd, Durham Tech
4. Gouhui (Sophie) Liu, Durham Tech
Team QuestionsDurham Tech:
Sebastian Fowler,
Sophie Liu,
Jacob Miller,
1. Durham Tech
2. Catawba Valley
3. Central Piedmont
2016Calc Test,Answer KeyCole Hopfenberg, Durham Tech
Logan McBroom, Asheville-Buncombe
Joon Choi, Wake Tech
Joyce Alidon, Mitchell CC
Team QuestionsWake Tech1. Wake Tech
2. Durham Tech
3. Asheville-Buncombe Tech
2015Calc Test,Answer Key 1. Nicholas Southwic, Central Piedmont
2. Ka Hin Clive Ling, Wake Tech (North)
3. Leslie Woodley, Forsyth Tech
4. Vicente Perez, Forsyth Tech
Team QuestionsForsyth Tech:
Jake Gigliotti, Thomas Stirewalt, and Andrew Walker
1. Forsyth Tech
2. Wake Tech (Main)
3. Central Piedmont
2014Calculus Questions
Answer Key
1. Thomas Beasley, Catawba Valley
2. Omar Saffouri, Wake Tech (Main)
3. Jisub Kim, Wake Tech (North)
4. Jordan McKay, Central Carolina
Team QuestionsCatawba Valley:
Efraim Palafox
David Marhao
Zach Badertscher
Michael Hester
1. Catawba Valley
2. Wake Tech (Main)
3. Wake Tech (North)
2013Calculus Questions
Answer Key
1. Yoonhye Jang, Shelton State
2. Omar Saffouri, Wake Tech (Main)
3. Diwash Thapa, Wake Tech (North)
4. John Anderson, Wake Tech (Main)
Team QuestionsShelton State:
Alan Mullenix
Catarino Maldonado
Yeon Seo Hyun
Yoonhye Jang
1. Shelton State
2. Wake Tech (Main)
3. Gaston College
2012Calculus Questions
Answer Key
1. William Newlin, Wake Tech
2. Jacob Walsh, Wake Tech
3. Diwash Thapa, Wake Tech
4. Eeyi Oon, Durham Tech
Team QuestionsDurham Tech:
Donna Mu
Timothy Pendergraft
Devangana Sharma
Eeyi Oon
1. Wake Tech
2. Durham Tech
3. Catawba Valley
2011Calculus Questions
Answer Key
1. Simon Nocher, Gaston CC
2. Joshua Padilla, Catawba Valley
3. William Newlin, Wake Tech
4. Colin Campbell, Durham Tech
Team QuestionsDurham Tech:
Risa Sayre
Stephen Pendergraft
Colin Campbell
1. Durham Tech
2. Wake Tech
3. Forsyth Tech
1. Catawba Valley
2. Durham Tech
3. Cape Fear

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