NCMATY 2019 – Conference Reminders


We are now up to 200 registered attendees! I would like to remind you about some of the SCHED features you have as a speaker.

  • Speakers can upload files to their session: You can do this before or after your session.            
  • Speakers can edit their session description: For example, maybe you will want to add links to cloud documents.            
  • Speakers can email attendees in their session: People that sign up for your session can be contacted by you. You can use email feature to continue conversations, thank them for coming, further questions to think about, etc.      
  • Speakers can see attendee feedback for their session: I am not sure if that feedback is anonymous, so I have added that note.  I think you will get an email of your feedback. But I am not sure.

Also, please encourage people to posting comments/feedback in the NCMATYC Slack There is the channel #ncmatyc-conference and many other channels, such as #RISE, where people can collaborate about your presentation.

Thanks so much for your effort and time in making the 2019 conference possible.

Let me know if you have any feedback or questions,
Luke Walsh
NCMATCY Past President

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NCMATYC News: Conference Attendees and Presenters

NCMATYC Conference

In true teacher fashion, we wanted to make sure you were paying attention.  The dates of the conference were incorrect in the last email.  The correct dates are Thursday, March 7th and Friday, March 8th.  The conference will be at Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute in Hudson, NC (near Lenoir).  All information, including local hotels, and conference update are on the NCMATYC website, so get registered and plan your trip now.


All presentations that were submitted to the NCMATYC board have been accepted.  The schedule will be posted on the NCMATYC conference page as soon as it is finalized.

SLACK-ing is Fun

Try some pre-conference “slack-ing”.  Reach out to colleagues across the state and collaborate before the conference using Slack.  Click here to try it out.

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NCMATYC News: Conference is coming up soon!

31st NCMATYC Conference

The NCMATYC Conference will be at Caldwell Community College March 7th – 8th.  There is a full schedule of presenters, and you don’t want to miss it.  You can get more information on the NCMATYC Website under Conference.  Register directly by clicking on the following link:  Registration  There are some options for lodging listed on the website.  If you need any more help, please contact one of your board members.

2019 Math Excellence Award

You are all outstanding math educators, but if you know someone who really stands out above the rest, please consider nominating them for the 2019 Mathematics Excellence Award.  Click Here for more information.  March 1 is the due date for this nomination, which is quickly approaching.


As always, SLACK is there for you.  If you are feeling stuck in your course material or would like to chat with colleagues, check out the NCMATYC Slack group.

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2019 Math Excellence Award

The Mathematics Excellence Award (ME Award) is intended for educators who have made outstanding contributions to mathematics or mathematics education at the two-year college.  The criteria for the award are as follows:

  1. Statewide reputation
  2. Leadership and activities in professional organizations
  3. Professional talks and presentations
  4. Awards and grants received
  5. Publications
  6. Professional activities on a regional and state scale
  7. Teaching expertise
  8. Other contributions to mathematics and/or mathematics education

This award has a cash prize, a plaque commemorating the award, and recognition at the 2019 NCMATYC and possibly the 2020 AMATYC conference! Nominate a colleague by using this form

More information about the qualifications for the AMATYC award can be found at

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2018 Mathematics Competition

Thanks so much to all of the schools that participated in the 2018 Mathematics Competition.  We had over 100 community college students from across the Great 58!  Of course, this event would not have happened without the work of so many volunteers, such as event coordinator Chris Mansfield, test editors/contributors, site coordinator Amanda Klinger, and Davidson College.  Join us in celebrating the 2018 winners.

Individual Winners

2018 Indivudal Winners

Team Competition Winners: 1st-Central Carolina CC, 2nd-Durham CC, 3rd- Mitchell CC

2018 Team Winners

Overall Winners – 1st-Central Carolina CC, 2nd- Forsyth CC, 3rd- Durham CC

2018 Overall Winners

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