The 2018-2020 elections are now open.

NCMATYC members have been sent an email from Helios that has information on how to cast your vote. Please email the NCMATYC Board if you have any questions. The election will close on 2/24/2018.  Thanks for your participation in the future of NCMATYC.

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30 Year Count Down

From 1988 to 2018, NCMATYC has been making memories, such as building lifelong friendships, creating state wide impacts, and facilitating outstanding professional development. Let’s count down the years of NCMATYC as a way to count down to the 30th NCMATYC Conference. Today is memories from 2017. Go to the NCMATYC Slack channel #ncmatyc-conference to share a 2017 memory or a picture. Tomorrow will be 2016, and so on. A sign up list of all the dates with years is at this link.

Who will be on the next NCMATYC board? A list of candidates can be found at Visit the NCMATYC Slack channel #elections to further communicate with these amazing people. Elections will be held online from February 19-23. Members will receive an email link to their electronic ballot.

Thank you for supporting NCMATYC!

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Before 2017 Ends

We need your help in making two deadlines.

  1. Teacher of Excellence Award nominations are due 12/22/2017. Let’s make sure people get recognized for the amazing work they do in and out of the classroom.
  2. Calling all awesome NCMATYC members. NCMATYC Board elections will be in February. But we can’t vote for a person, if people don’t run. Send us an email about the position you want to run.

Thanks so much in helping us check off these deadlines. Oh, and during the winter break, check out NCMATYC Slack and make sure you register for the 2018 conference!

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End of Semester Wrap Up

Across the Great 58 community colleges of North Carolina, the 2017 Fall semester is quickly coming to an end. Here are some important reminders for NCMATYC.

  • Just 97 days left till the 2018 conference. Have you registered and booked your hotel?
  • Today is the due date to submit a presentation. Remember, you can submit a 20, 45, or a 100 minute presentation. This is our 30th anniversary; let’s pack it full with plenty of amazing professional development.
  • Please consider nominating yourself to be a candidate for the upcoming NCMATYC board elections. Send us an email about what position you would want to run. Thanks!
  • Teacher of Excellence Awards are due 12/22. We have many, many awesome educators, so let’s make sure they get recognized.
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Leading the IMPACT

NCMATYC had a strong representation at the annual AMATYC conference in San Diego. One big push from AMATYC is the new document IMPACT ( The document is still a rough draft and they need us to be giving feedback. Group notes from the AMATYC conference is here and pictures & conversations can be found in the Slack channel #amatyc-conference.

Special thanks to Forsyth Tech CC and Chris Mansfield, who have been an integral part of putting together the NCMATYC Mathematics Competition this weekend. We have a record amount of students participating!

The deadline to submit presentations for the 2018 NCMATYC conference is December 1st.  Remember that you can choose a 20, 45, or 100 minute session. Conference registration and hotel booking are also available.

Teacher of Excellence nominations are due 12/22/17.

Continue to colLABorate with the Great 58!

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