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MAT 115

MAT 121

MAT 161

MAT 171

The instructions to the committees were as follows:

Committees for Reviewing CCL Courses

Purpose: To review and update course descriptions in the Common Course Library



1.Each committee will review the description of its target course that presently exists in the NCCCS Common Course Library and make recommendations for changes.

2.The committee will create competencies for its target course in order to make the course more uniform across the state.

3.The committee will present its recommendations to the membership for discussion in the winter Newsletter and during the Spring 2005 conference and make adjustments to recommendations, if necessary.


Jan. 1, 2005 Give a draft of recommendations to newsletter editor for

publication in winter newsletter.

Mar. 10, 2005 Present recommendations during a session at the conference

Mar. 11, 2005 Present revised recommendations at conference breakfast


The chairs of the various committees were:

MAT 115      Marjorie Gross       Carteret CC

MAT 121      Cyrus McCarter      Wake Tech CC

MAT 161      Lee Ann Spahr       Durham Tech CC

MAT 171      Teresa Sink            Davidson CC