Leading the IMPACT

NCMATYC had a strong representation at the annual AMATYC conference in San Diego. One big push from AMATYC is the new document IMPACT (http://www.amatyc.org/mpage/IMPACT). The document is still a rough draft and they need us to be giving feedback. Group notes from the AMATYC conference is here https://goo.gl/CLP68d and pictures & conversations can be found in the Slack channel #amatyc-conference.

Special thanks to Forsyth Tech CC and Chris Mansfield, who have been an integral part of putting together the NCMATYC Mathematics Competition this weekend. We have a record amount of students participating!

The deadline to submit presentations for the 2018 NCMATYC conference is December 1st.  Remember that you can choose a 20, 45, or 100 minute session. Conference registration and hotel booking are also available.

Teacher of Excellence nominations are due 12/22/17.

Continue to colLABorate with the Great 58!

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NCMATYC Slack: Only Treat, No Tricks

The end of October is just around the corner. Be sure to stay connected with the great events in November.

  • Going to the AMATYC conference? Be sure to share and connect in the #amatyc-conference channel.
  • Register by November 3rd for the NCMATYC Mathematics Competition at Forsyth Tech.
  • Got ideas to share? Questions to ask? Post them in NCMATYC Slack and think about presenting them at the 30th NCMATYC Conference.  Submission to present are due December 1st.
  • Important changes are on the horizon for developmental mathematics. Have you heard about Dev Ed 2.0 – R.I.S.E.? Join the discussion to ask questions and give feedback in #dma-general.
  • Great sharing about the recent NC3ADL conference took place in #distance-learning.
  • #mat152 has been the most popular channel in October but many other course channels show great colLABoration. Take a moment to read and offer an emoji to the posts in NCMATYC Slack.
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October Checklist

And just like that we are almost half way through another semester.  Check out these items.

  • NCMATYC is raising money for a TexMATYC member who was selected to present at the AMATYC conference but their school no longer has travel funds because of Harvey. 🙁 Donate via https://tinyurl.com/y97a9p2h
  • We have awarded 16 travel grants for the 2018 NCMATYC conference! To earn that money the people are participating in NCMATYC Slack for at last 40 minutes a month. Visit Slack and see all of the great colLABoration.
  • We need nominations for the 2017 AMATYC President Scholarship. Use this link https://goo.gl/forms/TEQNW8EVeWJySdy92
  • Mathematics Competition will be at Forsyth Tech 11/18. November 3rd is the due date for early registration.
  • Hotel reservations for 2018 conference can be made either online or by phone.
  • Elections for the new NCMATYC Board will be in February. Please be consider running for a position.

Thanks so much for your participation with NCMATYC.

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1 Great Thing

Many community colleges are starting their Fall Semester this week.  Take a moment in NCMATYC Slack to share one great thing you did / will do for the 1st day of classes.  While you are in NCMATYC Slack, check out the channels for the courses you are teaching. Don’t wait; communicate, and colLABorate!

Hotel reservations are now open for the NCMATYC conference. The hotel is ocean front and rooms are less than $70 a night! More information is here.

Turn in your travel grant ASAP!

  • AMATYC Travel Grant: $1000 towards the 2017 AMATYC Conference at San Diego. Click here for more details
  • NCMATYC Travel Grant: Up to $150 and free conference registration for the 2018 NCMATYC conference. Click here for more details.
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NCMATYC Travel Awards

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Across the Great 58, amazing educators are getting ready for the 2017 Fall Semester.  NCMATYC SLACK is a great place to colLABorate by sharing pacing guides, posting first week lessons, asking questions, helping people who are teaching a course for the first time, etc.  NCMATYC wants to award travel grants for those who want to make a commitment to participating in NCMATYC SLACK.

  • AMATYC Travel Grant: $1000 towards the 2017 AMATYC Conference at San Diego. Click here for more details
  • NCMATYC Travel Grant: Up to $150 and free conference registration for the 2018 NCMATYC conference. Click here for more details.

Don’t wait, make a commitment to colLABorate (and earn money for it).  Share this opportunity and apply now! Deadline is 8/15.

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