October Due Dates

We hope that all of our community college friends on the east cost are safe and that the hurricane doesn’t cause too much disruption to your semester.  The Fall semester is already half way done for most of us.  Please take a moment to look over these important news updates.

Thanks for your involvement and participation with NCMATYC.

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Be Great, Come colLABorate!

Please take a moment to read over the goals of the colLABorate workshop. http://ncmatyc.matyc.org/collaborate/collaborate-goals/   The assessment of the goals describe how attendees of the workshop will have responsibilities for the following year after the workshop.   Feel free to send an email to ncmatycboard@gmail.com or post a comment on this page http://ncmatyc.matyc.org/collaborate/collaborate-workshop/, if you have questions about the workshop.

The application to attend the workshop is at this link https://goo.gl/forms/TLRPB2gax1pYMu1i2 and is due on 10/31/2016. Travel grants for the workshop, which also include the NCMATYC 2017 conference, can be found at this link http://ncmatyc.matyc.org/awards/.

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Be a NCMATYC Slacker

NCMATYC Slack is a virtual place for us to collaborate in many different ways, such as posting labs, sharing news, asking questions, etc.  Also, NCMATYC Slack can be accessed via mobile app or web browser.  This gives us the flexibility to collaborate where and when we want.  To join, simply go to https://ncmatyc.slack.com/signup and enter your school email.

We are very excited in the potential that NCMATYC Slack offers us in collaborating with many of the amazing educators across the Great 58 Community Colleges.  More information about NCMATYC Slack can be found at http://ncmatyc.matyc.org/collaborate/collaborate-in-slack/

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Who will you nominate?

NCMATYC has opportunities for you to earn an award and/or help some one else win an award.  The closest due date involves nominating a student for the AMATYC Presidential Award.  Applications and information about NCMATYC awards can be found at http://ncmatyc.matyc.org/awards/.

  1. 2016 NCMATYC Nominee for AMATYC Presidential Student Award: Nominees are due by October 1, 2016
  2. Mathematics Excellence Award – Nominations are due by December 9th, 2016.
  3. NCMATYC Travel Awards: Applications are due by December 9th, 2016.

Thanks for taking the time to recognize the students and people involved with NCMATYC that deserve these awards.

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colLABorate with 58

Thanks to the people who have signed up to be a campus representative.  Currently, we have representatives at 11 of the great 58 community colleges across North Carolina.   Some people have asked, “How much of a time commitment does a campus representative involve?”  Our recommendation would be to try and reach this standard:

colLABorate with 58: 5 days a month, 8 minutes a day

NCMATYC wants to help provide ways for members to communicate and collaborate with the 58 community colleges in North Carolina.  If 40 minutes a month sounds like too much time, then the start with 10 minutes or what ever time commitment works for your schedule.  Overall, a campus representative is an active NCMATYC member.   Your involvement could include sharing NCMATYC news at your mathematics department meeting, sharing legislation issues that relate to NCMATYC, posting a lesson that you did in the NCMATYC Slack channel, chatting with members how they handle multiple measures at their school, writing a post for the NCMATYC website, etc.  Even if a campus representative doesn’t seem like it will work for you, please try it out for a couple of months.  Find some other people on your campus and become campus representatives together.  Help each other out first and then involve NCMATYC with that collaboration.

NCMATYC appreciates your support and involvement.  Each one of you have an important part in continuing the strength and leadership that NCMATYC has shown as a AMATYC affiliate.

Campus Representative Form https://goo.gl/forms/zOqFGXOG94lPEoRU2

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