2020-2022 Executive Board Elections

On March 11 2020, the 2020-2022 Executive Board Elections were closed and ballots were counted.   The vote count of elections are as follows.

  • President Elect:
    John Bennett — Halifax Community College (58 Votes)
  • Secretary:
    Holly Bass —  AB Tech Community College (59 Votes)

  • Treasurer:
    Fernando Schifelbein — Coastal Carolina Community College (59 Votes)

  • Eastern Region Vice-President:
    Seth McElvaney — Wake Tech. Community College (29 Votes)

  • Central Region Vice-President:
    Amanda Davis — Forsyth Tech. Community College (9 Votes)
  • Western Region Vice-President:

President Elect:

  • John Bennett—Halifax Community College
    I have been in mathematics education for 25 years at various levels. I have a passion for mathematics, and for teaching mathematics in ways that engage and encourage students to see math as more than just a class they have to take, but as a set of skills that will lead to success for the rest of their lives. Halifax CC has recognized my efforts in this by selecting me to be department chair. I encourage instructors in our department to exchange projects, activities and teaching ideas with their colleagues and will work to increase these types of opportunities in NCMATYC. While this is especially important for smaller colleges with few faculty, it is also a valuable asset for those at larger colleges with many faculty to have that alternate insight. I look forward to helping NCMATYC help use collaborate, not just across the hall, but across the state.
    As a member of NCMATYC since 2012, I’ve attended every conference and presented at every conference I’ve attended except the first. I was part of the col_LAB_orate pre-conference workshop in 2017 and have served as Halifax Community College’s Faculty Liaison for both NCMATYC and AMATYC since 2013. I have attended the AMATYC conference twice and served as one of North Carolina’s delegates in the Assembly each time.
    My service to the mathematics community goes beyond Halifax CC and these two groups. I served as our campus representative to the MathCIP and on assisted in setting the standards for the NC-DAP. In 2014 I was a finalist for the American Association of Community College’s Faculty Innovation Award for coordinating the effort by our Mathematics Department to increase their usage of technology and online integration to enhance student engagement and success. That same year, I was a NISOD Award of Excellence winner and I served as a Fellow in the NC Ready for Success Math Alignment Program, helping secondary teachers understand and align the high school curriculum to community college and university expectations. I have also been invited to be a reader for the AP Statistics exam each of the last 8 years.


  • Holly Bass— Asheville Buncombe Tech. Community College
    From a very early age, I wanted to help others with math and share my love of this subject. In college, I tutored high school students and taught part time at a local private high school. I started my community college career at ABTech teaching part time developmental math. After a year, I moved to CA where I taught high school for a year and then returned to the community college system while pursuing my masters degree. Six years ago, I moved back to NC, where I have taught full time at Brunswick Community College. I have since moved to the Asheville where I teach online for ABTech and homeschool my 7 year old while serving as Secretary for NCMATYC! Over these 20 years, my passion and love for mathematics has never faded! While in CA, I was very active in CMC^3 and presented multiple times at the southern CA and northern CA conferences on best practices and study skills. I was part of a pilot program incorporating study skills in the classroom. I presented at many colleges nationwide on the benefits of study skills and helped instructors set up their classes. I coauthored a custom PreAlgebra text incorporating study skills. I have attended NCMATYC every year since I returned to NC, have presented at this amazing conference, was part of the colLABorate initiative and have served as Secretary for the past two years. While I was at BCC, I led the math team, was faculty senate secretary as well as other fun activities. Its was a small school and I am so grateful for NCMATYC and the SLACK channel which allowed me to connect and colLABorate with other phenomenal math instructors! I have thoroughly enjoyed serving this organization, meeting lots of great faculty, and growing as an educator while helping others. There is still work I want to continue with NCMATYC and would be honored to serve another term helping this organization thrive and grow!!


  • Fernando Schifelbein – Coastal Carolina Community College
    I am currently serving as your Treasurer and am seeking to serve another two years for this great organization!
    I am currently in my 10th year of teaching at Coastal Carolina Community College. Over the years I have really enjoyed teaching at the college level and helping spread mathematical and statistical literacy across my small community. Having experience teaching everything from developmental mathematics to differential equations, I have had the privilege of helping a wide array of students from many different backgrounds become more successful, quantitative and logical thinkers. Seeing their growth and success motivates me to continue to improve myself as an instructor.
    I have attended NCMATYC every year since working at Coastal Carolina and have been amazed by the family-like community we foster here. The NCMATYC conference and Slack channel are great places to collaborate with others who are “in your shoes” and learn and bounce ideas of others wanting to grow as well. NCMATYC also serves as an invaluable asset to the faculty and students by being a platform to voice our support, opinion and concerns regarding matters in the state. With NCMATYC’s close participation with AMATYC, we even can spread our collaboration across the entire U.S.!
    Over the past two years of serving on the board, I have grown to appreciate all of the hard work that goes in to planning our annual conference and I hope that I can continue to contribute in fostering an amazing professional development event for my peers across the state!
    Personally, I am an eastern North Carolina native, completed all of my college at UNC Wilmington and have a beautiful wife of 10 years, a 7 year old daughter and an 2 year old son.

Eastern Region Vice-President

  • Seth McElvaney — Wake Tech. Community College
    Greetings! Thank you for electing me to be Eastern Region Vice-President two years ago. In the time that I’ve had in this position I have learned a lot about what it takes to put on the annual conference and I am working hard to make sure that it continues to be one of the best state conferences in the nation. To that end I have built relationships with vendors – bringing new ones in and getting old ones to return – and I have reached out to faculty at schools in the Eastern Region that were missing from our conferences and got some of them to attend.
    I am still active with math competitions. I led Wake Tech to host the NCMATYC competition in 2019 and I am leading a group to develop a local competition that involves both two and four year colleges in the area.
    I would like to build on this success over the next two years and I hope that I can count on your support.

Central Region Vice-President

  • Amanda Davis – Forsyth Tech Community College
    While raising kids for a decade from home as a paralegal, I taught math as an adjunct instructor at Forsyth Technical Community College. In 2018, I was fortunate enough to return to a full-time position in our mathematics department. It is still hard to believe that I get to wake up to teach math each day!
    Since arriving, I have been an advocate for our open educational resource program and the accessibility it provides to all of our students. Last summer I led a team to revise and update our Statistics content so that the course is at zero cost. In the past year, I presented at the SLATE conference at Wake Forest Innovation Quarter and the OERNC 19 conference to share our work in OER.
    Most recently, I am working with World View in connection with UNC-Chapel Hill to a add a new global module for Statistics focused on Latin America and immigration policy. I believe in the inclusion of a global component in education to help students succeed in their future goals.
    Last year was my first year attending NCMATYC and I was encouraged by the supportive community I found! I presented a poster sharing the benefits of using a LibGuide in statistics to provide live data for students. I also co-presented a session sharing the math repository that I helped develop for Quantitative Literacy activities which are now available for all 2-year college instructors in the state. I appreciate the inviting space that NCMATYC provides for instructors to share and present new ideas.
    The connections I have made through NCMATYC have been incredibly helpful and SLACK is a constant source of communication and great ideas! As Central VP, I would continue promote communication between 2-year college instructors through SLACK and work toward a culture of inclusion in mathematics education. It would be my pleasure to serve this incredible group of math instructors!

Western Region Vice-President

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