2022-2024 Executive Board Nominee Statements

President Elect:

  • Jessica Bennett-Broady — Guilford Technical Community College

    My name is Jessica Bennett-Broady and I am currently an instructor at Guilford Technical Community College. I would be honored to serve as President-elect of NCMATYC. Allow me to begin by sharing a little bit about myself and my humble beginnings in the field of academics. I was born in Michigan but reared in the small town of Zebulon, NC. My high school, East Wake High School, was small and we had limited resources. However, my thirst for learning led me to pursue multiple degrees including an Associate in Arts from Pitt Community College and both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Mathematics from East Carolina University.
    I believe that I possess the ideal qualities needed to represent NCMATYC as President-Elect. A few of my organizational skills include my ability to plan strategically. Representing NC’s 58 community colleges is a huge undertaking but my keen eye for precision and details will ensure a smooth transition from one administration to the next. I am confident that I can also bring fresh insight to NCMATYC.
    One of the goals I have set for President elect is advocating growth. Representation is very important in today’s society not only in education but especially in the field of mathematics. I never knew about NCMATYC until I became a full time instructor. However, I was an adjunct for an extended period of time. Because adjuncts do not have the same responsibilities as full time instructors, they have the potential to contribute significantly to the organization just as they do to our departments throughout the year. It will be beneficial to support their voices as they are often forgotten about behind the scenes. Not only would the addition of an outstanding number of adjunct instructors be beneficial for sharing ideas, collaborations, etc., but having the support of NCMATYC would benefit them as well. By gaining this exposure, this would allow for resume building as well as gaining confidence in their career.


  • Stephanie Woodley — Pitt Community College
    I am the Math & Physics Department Chair at Pitt Community College since 2008. I began at PCC as a full-time mathematics instructor in the Fall of 2001 and taught for 4 years at other schools before moving to PCC. I am running for NCMATYC Secretary. I feel that my love of numbers and attention to detail will allow me to serve the board and the membership in this position.


  • Vicki Todd — Southwestern Community College
    I fell in love with math as a teenager and now have the honor of teaching others. When I started at Southwestern Community College, I was given the opportunity to attend my first NCMATYC conference as an adjunct and have been in love with the organization ever sense. I would be honored to be your treasurer.

Eastern Region Vice-President

  • Nolan Outlaw — Wake Tech. Community College
    I have been a full-time math instructor at Wake Tech Community College since August 2016. I have had the privilege of attending every NCMATYC Conference since starting my career teaching community college math. Through attending and presenting at these conferences, I have developed many valuable skills that I regularly use while teaching. In addition to that, I have learned many tips and tricks from colleagues around the state about what works and what does not work in their classrooms. NCMATYC has been such a valuable organization for my teaching career, and if given the opportunity to serve as Eastern Vice President, it is my hope to ensure that NCMATYC continues to be that valuable resource for all community college math teachers across North Carolina.
    Through attending NCMATYC Conferences I learned about AMATYC. I have presented several times at AMATYC, and from 2018-2019, I participated as a member of Cohort 15 of Project ACCCESS. In addition to this, I served as the committee chair for AMATYC’s Math and its Applications for Careers Committee from 2020-2021. My experiences at AMATYC have only made me more eager and more equipped to continue my involvement with NCMATYC and to seek a leadership role in this organization.
    I feel blessed to be able to teach math for my career, and NCMATYC has been an important part of my journey in that career. I attended my first NCMATYC Conference just seven months after I started teaching full time at Wake Tech. In fact, this was the first professional conference I ever attended in my life. I was immediately fascinated with the idea of math teachers from all over North Carolina getting together to talk about math. How we teach it, topics we are especially interested in, ways to teach online, assignments that have worked well, and the list goes on. It is my wish to serve as Eastern Vice President so that I can become more involved with planning the conference, supporting our members, and reaching out to bring new members into our organization. NCMATYC is such a wonderful organization because of the collaboration and comradery among our members. If I am elected as Eastern Vice President, my focus will be on supporting this organization and its professional development opportunities for all community college math teachers across the state.

Central Region Vice-President

  • Amanda Davis – Forsyth Technical Community College
    My name is Amanda Davis and I am an assistant professor of math at Forsyth Technical Community College. I have previously served as the central region vice president would be honored to have the opportunity to represent this region again. In the past two years we have navigated a virtual conference as a board, and I look forward to growing our community as we have the ability to reconvene for in person events.

Western Region Vice-President

  • Laurie Keatts — Catawba Valley Community College
    I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, North Carolina and I have been full-time faculty for just over five years. Prior to that, I was an Engineer for over a decade in various manufacturing facilities. I also received my Master in Social Work before finally landing in the classroom.
    NCMATYC has been life-changing for me. In addition to learning so many new skills and taking so many nuggets of knowledge away from each conference, I have built life-long friendships and connections through NCMATYC.
    I am the current Western VP of NCMATYC and I hope to retain this position for another two years. I am an AMATYC Project ACCCESS Cohort 14 fellow as well as the Southeastern Representative of the Equity Committee for AMATYC. I helped write the Equity Position Statement that was approved last year.
    NCMATYC is a great organization and I hope you will consider keeping me on the Board for another two years!

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