Past Winners

These results are for the State Level of the competition which began in 1993.

YearsIndividual WinnersTeam Winner(s)
2014-2015Michael Carpenter, Forsyth Tech
2013-2014Prem Shah, Wake Tech
2012-2013Chase Yandle, Wake Tech
2011-2012Joshua Padilla, Catawba Valley
2010-2011Brendan Fletcher, Central Piedmont
2009-2010Brendan Fletcher, Central PiedmontCentral Piedmont CC
2008-2009Arun Sivasankaran, Durham Technical CCDurham Technical CC
2007-2008Jared Honeycutt, Surry CCDurham Technical CC
2006-2007Kathryn Murphy, Wake Technical CCWake Technical CC
2005-2006Shing Long Lau, Wayne CCDurham Technical CC
2004-2005Hai Duong, Wake Technical CCTIE: Durham Technical CC /

Wake Technical CC
2003-2004Keith Schneider, Asheville Buncombe Technical CCDurham Technical CC
2002-2001Jun Jian Hou, Durham Technical CCDurham Technical CC
2001-2002David Vincentsen, Central Carolina CCDurham Technical CC
2000-2001Tsu-Wang Yang, Durham Technical CCGuilford Technical CC
1999-2000John Kiser, Western Piedmont CCCoastal Carolina CC
1997-1998James Neeley, Durham Technical CC

(James also won the Southeast Region)
Durham Technical CC
1998-1999Brian Lambert, Wayne CCDurham Technical CC
1996-1997Tom Tran, Durham Technical CCDurham Technical CC
1995-1996Zhongjie Sun, Durham Technical CCDurham Technical CC
1994-1995Shannon Wu, Durham Technical CCDurham Technical CC
1993-1994Charles Keredanich, Coastal Carolina CC and 

Jason Jin, Durham Technical CC (tied for 1st place)
Coastal Carolina CC