2019 Award Opportunities

NCMATYC has three awards for this school year, (1) the Mathematics Excellence Award,  (2) the NCMATYC Travel Awards and  (3) the  2018 NCMATYC Nominee for AMATYC Presidential Student Award.

1. Mathematics Excellence Award – CLOSED

The Mathematics Excellence Award (ME Award) is intended for educators who have made outstanding contributions to mathematics or mathematics education at the two-year college. The criteria for the award are as follows: statewide reputation, leadership and activities in professional organizations, professional talks and presentations, awards and grants received, publications, professional activities on a regional and state scale, teaching expertise and other contributions to mathematics and/or mathematics education. This award has a cash prize, a plaque commemorating the award, and recognition at the 2019 NCMATYC and the 2020 AMATYC conference! More information about the qualifications for the AMATYC award can be found at

Nomination Form:

2. 2019 NCMATYC & 2018 AMATYC Travel Grant Awards: CLOSED
These two travel grants will be awarded for those participating in NCMATYC Slack.

Be great with the Great 58! Applicants must agree to join Slack and be active for the 2018 Fall semester. NCMATYC defines an active Slack member as one who participates “5 times in a month, 8 minutes on those days.”, which is about 40 minutes a month. One can participate in Slack in various ways such as by sharing activities, adding emojis, posting weekly planning, asking questions, shout outs for great work in your department, low/high lights of your week, reading posts by other, etc. NCMATYC will award people $20 a month for their work (which is about $30 per hour) and award a $50 bonus and a free registration if they complete all five months (August, September, October, November, December) of the 2018 Fall Semester.  For the 2018 AMATYC Conference travel award NCMATYC will award one person $1000 towards attending the 2018 AMATYC Conference for their commitment to participate in NCMATYC Slack during the Fall 2018 Semester and Spring 2019 Semester.

3. 2018 NCMATYC Nominee for AMATYC Presidential Student Award: CLOSED

The purpose of the AMATYC Student Scholarship is to encourage the study of mathematics by students enrolled in institutions of higher education.  Each affiliate may submit one nomination from a student attending a qualifying institution. To be a qualifying institution, the institution must employ at least one member in good standing of AMATYC.  The student must be nominated by an AMATYC member who is an employee of the qualifying institution.  The student must have an overall GPA of at least 3.0. The nominated students must be majoring in mathematics and enrolled full-time at the nominating institution during the spring semester preceding the Annual AMATYC conference when the award will be announced.  Nomination form is at