Tentative Presentations

Here is the form to submit a presentation. (  Requests will be given based on the order when the presentation was submitted. Remember that the times available are 45 and 90 minute sessions.

Friday 15 minute Themed Sessions

On Friday morning we will have a block of 15 minute themed sessions.  The topics of the themed sessions are as follows.  Overall, we hope attendees can get plenty of ideas and materials for their classroom.

  1. Topic: MAT 143
    Come share an updated lab from the CIP or a new lab that you have created. The CIP has now been implemented for several semesters. How has your course evolved? Come  share some of your dos and don’ts for quant lit. You are the best source of inspiration for your colleagues, what are your favorite resources or activities?
  2. Topic: Digital Classroom
    How are you creating a digital classroom?  Perhaps, you are using an online calculator like Desmos as a tool for exploration but then how do you monitor students using it on individual assessment?  What type of digital lessons are you using in your classroom?  What type of digital approaches are you using  to connect students in the classroom?
  3. Topic: MAT 171/172 and MAT 121/122
    How often do you use group versus individual labs?  How does an online course do the labs?  Do you use contextual labs as a way to first introduce a concept? Come and share what you are doing in these courses.
  4. Topic: Developmental Math
    Now that multiple measures has been implemented across the state, how has your school’s developmental math program evolved? How do you make sure students are ready for curriculum courses? What support does your school have in place for developmental students?
  5. Topic: Group Work
    With the implementation of the Math CIP, many of the labs that were created within curriculum courses emphasize the importance of group work and collaborative learning.  How do you implement group work in your classes?  What strategies work for you to have successful collaborations among students?  What strategies haven’t worked?  How do you grade group work so that everyone receives fair treatment?  Come share your insight on making dynamic and productive group work, work.
  6. Topic: MAT 152
    Have you found any great data sets lately? Using any different approaches to teach stats? Come share an updated lab from the CIP or a new lab that you have created.
  7. Topic: The Joy of Math
    Do you have favorite piece of math history?  Do you have a certain area math that you explore outside of the classroom?  Do you have any type of math jokes that you use in the classroom?  Do you have any math art to share? Come share mathematics that you personally enjoy.


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