NCMATYC Teaching Excellence Award

The Teaching Excellence (TE) Award is intended for educators who have made outstanding contributions to mathematics or mathematics education at a two-year college. Teaching excellence is the main focus of the Teaching Excellence Award.  Criteria for selection are: instructional effectiveness and support of students, professional involvement and professional development/renewal activities, interaction with colleagues and service to departments/division/college.

The Board is accepts nomination for the NCMATYC TE award though third Friday of November in even years, with the winner being the Board’s nominee for the AMATYC award for the following year being due the second Friday of December in even years. The winner and the nominator will be notified following selection, and the announcement will be made during the conference the following March.

The Board is now accepting application for the 2022 NCMATYC TE award. Each nominee should be eligible for the AMATYC award. Qualification for that award can be found at AMATYC TE Award page.

  1. Nominations, including self-nominations, may be received from anyone except current AMATYC Executive Board members or current TE Award Committee Members.
  2. Letters of recommendation may not be written by current Executive Board members nor current TE Award Committee members, even if they are a direct supervisor of a nominee.
  3. The nominator is responsible for securing the necessary documents to support the nomination.
    1. A completed nomination packet consists of:
      1. Nomination Form
      2. Cover letter from the nominator (not to exceed 3 pages, in at least a 12-point font)
      3. Resume or vita of the nominee (not to exceed 3 pages, in at least a 12-point font)
      4. Letters of recommendation from each of: a student, a colleague, and a supervisor (not to exceed 1 page, in at least a 12-point font)
      5. Summary of the candidate’s most recent student evaluations (not to exceed 2 pages, 12-point font)
    2. All nominations will be evaluated using the same criteria. Additional information will not be considered.
    3. Letters of support that elaborate on qualities mentioned in the resume or that point out additional exemplary characteristics of the nominee are more helpful to the committee than letters that simply reiterate items mentioned in the resume.
  4. Nominees will not be informed that they have been nominated until after the awardees have been selected.