Student Math League

Student Mathematics League
Sponsored at the National Level by AMATYC (American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges)
Sponsored at the State Level by NCMATYC
What is the Student Math League?
The AMATYC Student Math League is a competition. Round 1 is held during the fall semester and round 2 during the spring semester. Students compete both as individuals and as a member of a team representing their school. A school is free to have any number of students participate and take the test but only the top 5 in the round become the school’s official team for that round. Students individually take a one hour 20 question multiple choice exam which contains some nonstandard challenging questions. Students get to test their problem-solving skills and see how they compare to others from around the nation. Faculty are allowed to hold practice sessions and use old competition questions to help students prepare for the test.
How did this League get started?
The Student Mathematics League was founded in 1970 by Nassau Community College in New York. In 1981 the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges assumed sponsorship with Terry Shell of Santa Rosa Junior College as its first director. The League has grown to more than 150 colleges in the United States, Canada, and Bermuda involving over six thousand community college math students.
Where can I get a copy of old tests to use as examples?
Packets of tests have been copied and are ready to be mailed to you.  Just send an E-mail to Chris Mansfield at  Make sure you include your name, mailing address, and school in the E-mail.
You can also check out the AMATYC Student Math League website, and if you’re an AMATYC member, get recent tests.
How can I find out more?
To find out more about the Student Math League you can read a copy of the Official Rules, or you can visit the Student Math League Website hosted by AMATYC.