2018 National Math Summit

The 2018 National Math Summit will be the pre-conference to the AMATYC conference in Orlando costing $100. This third summit will be from 1:00 PM on Nov. 13 to 5:00 pm on Nov. 14 2018.  This summit like the last two summits is in response to math faculty, chairs, deans and lab coordinators request for additional training and assessment techniques.

One focus is on co-requisites designs. The sponsors again are AMATYC, NADE, National Center for Developmental Education (NCDE), Carnegie Foundation, Dana Center and MAA.  During the opening night reception and networking session attendees will meet national experts such as Nancy Sattler, Paula Wilhite & Linda Zientek  (AMATYC), Annette Cook (NADE), Rebecca Hartzle, Connie Richardson & Uri Triesman (Dana Center), Hunter Boylan & Barbara Illowsky (NCDE),  Ann Edwards, & Mike Sieve (Carnegie Math Pays/WestEd), Julie Phelps (MAA) and Paul Nolting. Uri Triesman will give the closing remarks.


The National Mathematics Summit registration is now open at the AMATYC Web site wwww.amatyc.org.

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