NCMATYC News – Call for Presentations

Spring Conference Presentations

As you are returning to work from your Thanksgiving and Fibonacci Day celebrations, we hope you will consider presenting at the upcoming conference.

To submit a presentation, please complete the following form, no later than December 1, 2018. Requests will be given priority based on the order when the presentation was submitted.

Presenters should fill out the form for each presentation they want to give.  Remember that the times available are 45-minute Thursday sessions, 30-minute Friday sessions, and poster presentations.

Poster presentations are a new opportunity for instructors or teams to showcase student work and activities happening on their campus. Participants who choose this option should prepare a trifold board (think science fair) to be displayed throughout the conference.

Keep Slack-ing

Don’t forget to check Slack for new ideas as you end this semester and make preparations for the spring. Remember this is the one time where Slackin’ can make things happen.

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