Application for the NCMATYC Travel Assistance Award to attend the 2013 NCMATYC Conference

NCMATYC will offer travel assistance of up to $250 for up to three North Carolina community college instructors to attend the Spring 2013 NCMATYC Conference. The travel assistance is intended to encourage membership and active participation in NCMATYC. People from underrepresented schools are encouraged to apply.

NOTE: Awardees are expected to contribute an article telling of their experience at the NCMATYC conference for the Fall 2013 newsletter.

To apply, download the application form here and submit it to:

Jeannie Hollar

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

2855 Hickory Blvd.

Hudson, NC 28638


All application forms must be POSTMARKED or EMAILED by January 15th, 2013.

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