1 Great Thing

Many community colleges are starting their Fall Semester this week.  Take a moment in NCMATYC Slack to share one great thing you did / will do for the 1st day of classes.  While you are in NCMATYC Slack, check out the channels for the courses you are teaching. Don’t wait; communicate, and colLABorate!

Hotel reservations are now open for the NCMATYC conference. The hotel is ocean front and rooms are less than $70 a night! More information is here.

Turn in your travel grant ASAP!

  • AMATYC Travel Grant: $1000 towards the 2017 AMATYC Conference at San Diego. Click here for more details
  • NCMATYC Travel Grant: Up to $150 and free conference registration for the 2018 NCMATYC conference. Click here for more details.
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