NCMATYC Slack: Only Treat, No Tricks

The end of October is just around the corner. Be sure to stay connected with the great events in November.

  • Going to the AMATYC conference? Be sure to share and connect in the #amatyc-conference channel.
  • Register by November 3rd for the NCMATYC Mathematics Competition at Forsyth Tech.
  • Got ideas to share? Questions to ask? Post them in NCMATYC Slack and think about presenting them at the 30th NCMATYC Conference.  Submission to present are due December 1st.
  • Important changes are on the horizon for developmental mathematics. Have you heard about Dev Ed 2.0 – R.I.S.E.? Join the discussion to ask questions and give feedback in #dma-general.
  • Great sharing about the recent NC3ADL conference took place in #distance-learning.
  • #mat152 has been the most popular channel in October but many other course channels show great colLABoration. Take a moment to read and offer an emoji to the posts in NCMATYC Slack.
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