NCMATYC News and MailChimp

Today the NCMATYC Board will send out a mass email using a free the web site MailChimp.  Basically, this allows the Board to send out fancier emails.  The Board plans on using the mass email notification to send out news, events, reminders, relating to NCMATYC.  These mass emails will then also be posted here on the NCMATYC website.  Please let us know what you think.  Below is a copy of the information that will be sent out.

What’s Up With The Web Page?

Please visit the NCMATYC webpage,, to see the new updates and changes.

The NCMATYC web page is not fully updated, but it is getting close!  Please send us feedback, comments, questions, and/or concerns by filling in this short feedback form.

Thanks for supporting NCMATYC,
Luke Walsh
President Elect
Catawba Valley CC

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