Preview of the 2015 Presentations

Just 10 ten days left till the deadline to send presentations for the conference.  Remember that people can send in a 15, 50, or 90 minute presentation.  Are you wondering what other people have submitted?  Here is a list of their titles. We look forward to seeing what you can add to this list.

Title of Presentations submitted for the 2015 NCMATYC Conference
Incorporating iPads With MathStudio In Your Math Class
Implementing QL at SCC: The good, the bad and the pretty.
Do Inquiry-Based Methods Work with Developmental Math?
Picture This… An So Much More
Discussion Forums for Online and Hybrid Courses
Mastery Learning: Success in Subsequent Courses
The Mathematics of Electric Cars.
Reality Math
Too Much Tech?
Get your students’ heads into the cloud.
Chair Yoga
How to improve fraction fluency in a dynamic symbol lab
Jigsaw Collaboration
Transforming Parent Functions using Modify and Dynamic Menu
Previewing Calculus in College Algebra and Pre-Calculus
Better Math through Better Modeling
Exploring A Released AP Calculus Test Question
A Simple Game with student choices in Confidence Intervals
Taking Tests to the Limit
AMATYC’s Project ACCCESS: An opportunity for new instructors
A “Cool Problem” Approach to Composition of Functions
Ready-to-use Projects and Topics for Quantitative Literacy


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