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Thanks to the people who have signed up to be a campus representative.  Currently, we have representatives at 11 of the great 58 community colleges across North Carolina.   Some people have asked, “How much of a time commitment does a campus representative involve?”  Our recommendation would be to try and reach this standard:

colLABorate with 58: 5 days a month, 8 minutes a day

NCMATYC wants to help provide ways for members to communicate and collaborate with the 58 community colleges in North Carolina.  If 40 minutes a month sounds like too much time, then the start with 10 minutes or what ever time commitment works for your schedule.  Overall, a campus representative is an active NCMATYC member.   Your involvement could include sharing NCMATYC news at your mathematics department meeting, sharing legislation issues that relate to NCMATYC, posting a lesson that you did in the NCMATYC Slack channel, chatting with members how they handle multiple measures at their school, writing a post for the NCMATYC website, etc.  Even if a campus representative doesn’t seem like it will work for you, please try it out for a couple of months.  Find some other people on your campus and become campus representatives together.  Help each other out first and then involve NCMATYC with that collaboration.

NCMATYC appreciates your support and involvement.  Each one of you have an important part in continuing the strength and leadership that NCMATYC has shown as a AMATYC affiliate.

Campus Representative Form

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