NCMATY 2019 – Conference Reminders


We are now up to 200 registered attendees! I would like to remind you about some of the SCHED features you have as a speaker.

  • Speakers can upload files to their session: You can do this before or after your session.            
  • Speakers can edit their session description: For example, maybe you will want to add links to cloud documents.            
  • Speakers can email attendees in their session: People that sign up for your session can be contacted by you. You can use email feature to continue conversations, thank them for coming, further questions to think about, etc.      
  • Speakers can see attendee feedback for their session: I am not sure if that feedback is anonymous, so I have added that note.  I think you will get an email of your feedback. But I am not sure.

Also, please encourage people to posting comments/feedback in the NCMATYC Slack There is the channel #ncmatyc-conference and many other channels, such as #RISE, where people can collaborate about your presentation.

Thanks so much for your effort and time in making the 2019 conference possible.

Let me know if you have any feedback or questions,
Luke Walsh
NCMATCY Past President

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