Expanding and Increasing Faculty PD Opportunities

Faculty feedback about future professional development is needed. This is an opportunity to have a direct impact on an initiative that will directly benefit you and your colleagues.

Let the Student Success Center know what faculty really want, so the enhanced and expanded professional development offerings will reflect representative needs and interests. This is an opportunity to have input on statewide initiatives.

There are over 15,000 faculty in the state. The goal is 5000 responses.  This is where you come in. Would you please help by doing two things? 

First, take the survey and let the Student Success Center know what YOU want for your professional development. The Student Success Center wants to know what topics would be beneficial, what challenges you are facing, how you want the training to be delivered, etc. Then, would you ask your colleagues to complete this? It will take less than 10 minutes, and it is anonymous. The deadline is this Friday, January 22.

Please contact Brigette Myers at bmyers7799@stanly.edu or Susan Barbitta at barbittas@nccommunitycolleges.edu with questions. Thank you for helping us work to benefit all NC community college faculty.

 Expanding and Increasing Faculty PD Opportunities 
 AMAYTC Mini-GrantsThe AMATYC Foundation invites members of AMATYC teaching mathematics in the first two years of college to apply for a mini-grant.  Here are the rules and eligibility requirements:Applicants must have been an AMATYC member for at least one of the past five years;Applicants who received a $250 mini-grant in 2020 are ineligible to receive a second grant in 2021;Purchase must support the transition to remote/online learning;Grant provides a maximum of $250 per individual of funding for (or reimbursement of) technology, software, and/or materials;Receipts will be required for reimbursement and must be dated between August 1, 2020, and February 12, 2021. Applications will be accepted NOW through January 28, 2021.Click here to apply
 Save the DateNCMATYC’s virtual conference is scheduled for Thursday, March 18.
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